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The Sorrel Group was founded in 2004, by Paula HJ Cholmondeley.  It  is focused on providing education to support corporate directors who excel at overseeing their corporations in today's challenging business environment.


Paula H. J. Cholmondeley

"I believe excellence in directors leads to excellence in management, which leads to excellence in corporations."

D'Anne Hurd, J.D., MBA 

“Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

- Gro Harlem Brundtland

Corporate Governance Education

Customized Individual Corporate Governance Education:

First time corporate directors are chosen for their industry expertise or specialized skill.  Effective corporate governance is a skill in and of itself.  New board members must learn to balance their role as a representative of a broad spectrum of shareholders, some with short term and some with long term goals.  Often this involves understanding when to make hard decisions requiring courage.  They must collaborate with colleagues and hold management accountable for results, while always bringing their specific experience and knowledge to bear for the good of the corporation.

When companies add a new member to their board, they will plan an in-depth orientation to the company.  However, many forget to also orient the first-time director to the board and corporate governance itself.

The Sorrel Group, after consultation with the client, creates a customized education program which incorporates the individual director's unique background as well as the specifics of the company whose board they are joining.  The program grounds the director both in corporate governance and the unique attributes of their company.  Education for a military general might focus on how to read a 10-K, while education for an IT executive might focus on the role of the compensation committee they will be joining.  All clients are taught to read and understand the specific 10-K and Proxy statement of the company they join.

The Sorrel Group recommends that its clients join the National Association of Corporate Directors (provided they meet the membership criteria).  Thus, clients are grounded in all of the best practices highlighted by NACD, as well as the publications and reports of organizations such as Nasdaq, Harvard, the NYSE and Catalyst.  Candidates are then equipped to continue to develop their expertise in corporate governance when their Sorrel Group program is concluded. 

One-on-one education provides a confidential environment in which directors can feel comfortable asking a variety of questions.  Companies selecting new directors are likewise confident that their new directors understand corporate governance from day one.  New directors enter the boardroom up to date on all the current governance topics discussed in boardrooms today.  They are ready to contribute from day one.

Recent Clients Include:
- Multiple Tech companies. 
- Retired military general, appointed to a corporate banking board.
- Large division manufacturing president, appointed to the board of a specialty chemical company.
- Second generation family members sitting on the board of a food company.
- President of a division of an industrial products company, appointed for their knowledge of Asia Pacific.
- IT private venture capitalist, appointed to the board of a REIT.
- HR executive appointed to the board of a community bank.
The Sorrel Group Faculty speak at numerous conferences and have taught in a wide range of industry board rooms including:
2012advancewomen_158-PaulaCholmondeley-180- Insurance
- Energy
- Chemical
- Skin care
- Retail
- Regulatory bodies
- Medical partnerships
- Commercial vehicular dealerships
- Scientific research companies
- Specialty steel
- Food manufacturing


The Sorrel Group programs are also available for prospective directors seeking their first board position.



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